Jessica -an only child, with pets a plenty, developed a creative flair and organizational edge at a young age. She was always redecorating, color coding closets and labeling things - that is, when she wasn't spending time playing with her pets or trying to help rescue a neighborhood stray.

At the age of 16, after receiving her driver's license,  Jessica's love for animals and entrepreneurialship led to petsitting.

During her freshman year at Southern Methodist University, Jessica quickly realized that expansion of her pet sitting services complemented her busy lifestyle as a college student and she added childcare services. The clients respected and trusted Jessica with their children, animals and homes; eventually, other opportunities arose -  errand running, planning parties, holiday shopping and decorating, organizing closets, pantries and more.

And so, Dallas Executive Errands was born! Now, ten years and counting of tackling the toughest to do lists...