It's been a privilege having Jessica help me out with my cats the past year and a half. I trusted Jessica from the start and she has a key to my home. Jessica is attentive, responsive and committed to pleasing her clients. She has a very loving and caring heart and that means a lot when trusting someone to take care of your family pets. Additionally, I hired Jessica to help me unpack when I first moved into this house. I was going out of town and couldn't imagine coming back home to a bunch of boxes that needed unpacked. Jessica was great about caring for my breakables, unpacking and cleaning up the boxes and papers. It was such a huge help! I'm very thankful I found Jessica when I did. She's been a lifesaver.


I had the pleasure of working with Jessica on an event for our charitable foundation. I was impressed with her resourcefulness in getting people to donate their money, time and services for the event. Her passion for what she was doing was evident in everything she did from making phone calls to interacting with the people who were served by our organization. Her organization, tenacity and heart make her a valuable asset and she was a joy to work with.


I had the pleasure to work with Jessica in early Spring, 2011. She organized a community event that we, The Cooper Institute, were invited to participate in. The event was very well-organized and managed. Jessica did an excellent job in attending to the details and logistics to make the event the success it was. I was very impressed with her work.


Heart of a Warrior Foundation hosts an annual community event, and the 2011 Spring Festival was very successful because of Jessica's hard work and dedication. I have hired and mentored many young people and have been totally impressed with Jessica's time management skills and her tenacity in completing many time consuming and repetitive (boring) tasks. I would be glad to have Jessica for and with me anytime.


Jessica Gomez is tops. She’s been my go to cat-sitter for over two years, but  she’s more than that. She’s a friend – like a really trusted friend that takes  incredible care of your animals.

My number one cat partner in crime was in renal failure so every time I left town I worried that something would happen. Most cat sitters just come in, do their thing and head out. I knew Jessica wasn’t like that. I knew she took time to make sure Katie truly was okay. I know she’s an animal lover and knew what to look for and she understands how much our pets mean to us.

Occasionally I’d get extra needy and Jessica would text me pictures and make little cat memes. That’s another thing, there is never a time when you can’t get in touch with her. She’s always available.

Final lump of praise I swear, last fall I had to put my sweet little Katie to sleep. Jessica sent me a card. I have friends that didn’t even do that. Like I said, Jessica Gomez is tops.


I highly recommend hiring Jessica for home projects. She collaborates well by providing multiple options while keeping in mind my personal style. Jessica’s skills of multitasking, spatial awareness, and knowledge of making areas functional allows her to be self-sufficient. Her initiative and take charge attitude is refreshing when going through a stressful move. She is efficient and utilizes her time effectively. Jessica’s work is impressive, and because of her professional qualities she will be the right person to hire to get the job done with excellent customer satisfaction.


Jessica Gomez has been house sitting for me for at least 10 years.  She will take responsibility for watering plants, bringing in the paper or mail, whatever needs to be done in my absence.  The pets have included an old nervous dog on medications and in diapers, a nearly 20 year old cat passing away while we were gone, a very energetic new dog needing exercise and kittens being trained to come home at night.  I know when I am out of town she will take care of my house and animals as if it were her own home and pets.  She has also assisted with dog bathing, party preparation, floral arrangements, taxi service to the airport, preparing Easter baskets for Community Partners and shopping for toys to donate at Christmas time.  Jessica’s services are valuable to me because she brings originality, creativity and skill to these projects with an aptitude and flair I lack.  I do not hesitate to recommend her business, Dallas Executive Errands.


Jessica is amazing!!! She is super easy to communicate with and always eager to make my last-minute life work for her schedule. I feel confident leaving my animals for the day or even days because I KNOW that Jessica will treat them like her own and keep me in the loop about everything! She has been such a lucky find for me!!!!"

Jessica is amazing! I feel completely comfortable having her in my home and responsible for my fur - babies! She is a pet lover at heart and takes care of my pups and feline friend just like they were hers. She is accommodating and supports my crazy house full of rescues, which means sometimes walking 3 little pups! One of which is usually straight from the shelter and needs a little extra patience. Recommend her all the time to friends.

Jessica Gomez has provided excellent pet, home and baby sitting services for our family for over 3 years. Our pets and 7 year old daughter adore her. She is always punctual and does what ever we ask of her. She has been responsible for our home and pets during annual 3 week vacations as well as shorter trips. We trust her with a key and alarm code to our home. She has taken excellent care of our 2 French Bulldogs, salt water fish tank and mail. She has also picked up my daughter from school, taken care of her during the summer and as an evening babysitter. She always plans fun crafts, activities and outings. We highly recommend her!


Jessica is the only person I would trust to come into my home and care for my pet when I’m away. My English Bulldog, Ellie, absolutely loves her! She is a bit high maintenance when it comes to food allergies and extreme temperatures. Jessica is extremely understanding and accommodating to her different needs. Not to mention, kind and compassionate! This isn’t just a job for Jessica, animals are the love of her life. I recommend her services 100%. From dog walking to pet sitting, she is my number 1 choice!


Such a help to our family--efficient, thorough, and personable. It's been so easy to communicate with Jessica and because of her help, I can spend more time with our family. Just what we needed. We use her for grocery shopping, party planning, running errands, and help with the kids and pets.


I consider myself so blessed to have found Jessica! She is dependable, flexible, trustworthy, positive, and my dog absolutely adores her. I have a very busy life, and Jessica goes above and beyond to help me. I never have to worry...she always comes through for me with flying colors!!


After moving from a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house into a 600 sq ft apartment, I was at a complete loss as to where to begin. Jessica came in and within a matter of a few hours was able to show me exactly how to make the best use of my limited space. She had ideas I would have never thought of and the know-how to implement them efficiently all the while staying within my budget. I would still be living out of boxes if it weren't for Jessica Gomez. She made letting go of the things  I really didn't need painless and helped me turn my tiny 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apartment into a comfortable home. I couldn't have done it without her!

Sue Ellen

I can't say enough good about Jessica. She has been fantastic every time I've dealt with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to anyone.


Having Jessica close to me to take care of my kitties has been amazing. I travel a lot because of my work so I needed a person to take care of the kitties while I'm gone. I found the perfect person in Jessica. I feel very confident knowing that they are in good hands. She takes great care of them. I know they like her a lot because they feel loved and secure with her. If they are sick, she gives them their meds under schedule or takes them to vet's appointments. The best thing is that when I'm gone she keeps me up to date about how they are doing and she sends me pictures of them...that makes me feel very relieved!! I feel grateful with her because she's very flexible with schedules, organized and responsible with her commitments...with my crazy busy travel schedule that means a great help!!